Texas Glass Tint understands the importance windows play in your business or home’s appeal.

Windows offer beautiful views and let the light in. However, with the sunlight comes heat loss, fading furniture, high energy cost, glare, destructive UV rays, and most importantly, security threats. Commercial and Residential window films are the best way to keep your windows beautiful while offering great benefits in return. Here at Texas Glass Tint, we want you to reap all of the positive rewards window tinting can offer.

Here are some benefits to Home Window Tinting:


privacy films for homes in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX
solar control films for homes in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX


We offer a complete variety of decorative and frosted films for all of your privacy needs.

Solar Control

Lower cooling costs, reduce glare, and protect your valuables from fading due to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

safety films for windows in homes in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX
decorative window films for homes in Houston, Austin, San Antonio & Dallas, TX


Protect yourself from the threat of natural disasters and criminal activity.


We utilize frosted and other colored films and vinyls to create a more aesthetic appeal to your home or workplace. Our feature Design Service is our exclusive patented process, TAG® (Tinted Advertising Graphics).

In addition to the benefits above, one of our most important benefits is that all of Texas Glass Tint window films come with a manufacturer´s warranty of 5 to 16 years on commercial properties and a limited lifetime warranty on residential properties. These films also include a 2 to 10 year glass breakage and seal failure warranties for thermal heat on all films, depending on each manufacturer´s terms.

Our Energy Star® rated films save on green by decreasing emissions & demand for new power facilities to the environment. They also offer superior optical clarity with of our virtually clear films, non-reflective films, or dual-reflective films.

Texas Glass Tint films provide 99% UV protection against interior fading on wood floors, expensive furnishings, paintings, etc. Our recommended films are safe for double-pane glass and help lower utility costs.

We have also been able to create other subsidiaries such as TAG® Tinted Advertising Graphics to offer businesses and residentials a new medium in home and office decor and design, while retaining a functional environment. Our patented process is one of a kind, and we take pride in providing our customers with the quality product they deserve.

Contact one of our window film experts’ to learn more about window tinting film benefits. If you are looking for quality service, Texas Glass Tint offers residential and commercial window tinting services in Houston and surrounding cities. We will work with you to recommend you the best options and assist you the entire process.

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Tinted Advertising Graphics

Our patented on-glass design service.


We take pride in providing our customers with the quality product they deserve.

Tag Tops

Our unique marker board service.


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