Working with both the facilities and design team at CHI St. Luke’s in Houston, Texas, we were approached to offer both cost and time saving products to help renovate existing spaces. CHI St. Luke’s Historic Texas Medical Center building was looking to bring the facilities up-to-date starting with their patient elevator lobbies and cabs. The TGT Group introduced 3M DI-NOC, an architectural finish film, this is a sustainable design solution to transform spaces and reimagine design possibilities. It was used to help adapt and reuse existing surfaces with no demo involved and little downtime to help turn around quickly for patients and faculty. The choice of materials was key to the success of the feeling of a modern space, and the selection of finishes was critical for both patient and end-user aesthetics. The products selected were extended past the elevators to main facility doors and millwork.

This was a unique project as we went in to present and offer a new product that had never been used in the facilities of CHI St. Luke’s Healthcare Systems. The warmth combination of wood grain and aluminum brushed finishes were chosen to help re-design the interior of the elevators on MDF paneling from floor to ceiling, working with the construction and lighting teams from design to installation. To create a unique and eyepopping element, the exterior facades of each colored elevator section was brought into the interior of the cabs to signify each color of elevator with custom polycarbonate colored panels to match paint selections.



To continue the new redesign of the elevators, custom polycarbonate colored panels were brought to the exterior of the elevator cabs in the elevator lobby areas. The TGT Group offered alternative products to custom back-painted glass to create the same effect of modern and contemporary walls that are easy to clean and do not show fingerprints. The 1/4” thick polycarbonate substrate used had custom graphics applied 2nd surface and sealed with a white opaque film for the same optimal color clarity of the “True White” color that back-painted glass offers. Each piece is fabricated to the specification that varies from floor to floor throughout 26 floors – on 1 of 6 wings – to ensure accurate and precise custom installation.

Lastly, CHI St. Luke’s had an existing project in the Cardiovascular Waiting Room and wanted to incorporate the cost-savings and same aesthetic finishes that architectural finish films offer that are not possible with painting doors or installing new plastic laminate. Regardless of sizing or finishes of existing doors, like with metal fire-rated doors, architectural finish films can adapt and reuse any substrate. The client chose another wood grain finish to compliment the already chosen tile and wall finishes, in addition to new furniture and artwork.

This project included both 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finish Films and TGT Group custom graphics back-filmed paneling. Most significantly, however, these were achieved without any loss of visual appeal or design differentiation and at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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