The hot summer months are quickly approaching and Texas Glass Tint is here to help!

     With the long, hot summer days, we are not only concerned about the sun fading clients furniture and rugs, but also about the health and well-being of our clients.  In a recent announcement, the US Surgeon General announced a 200% increase in deadly melanoma cancer cases, even though many Americans use sunscreen while outdoors.  But a new medical study also shows that melanoma cases have been on the rise for people indoors because of the role UV rays have on skin.  Many Americans do not realize that unprotected windows allow these same harmful UV rays in, allowing them to attack their skin.

     Texas Glass Tint, and our array of solar window films, can help prevent these UV rays from getting in and causing further harm to your skin.  Contact us today and learn more about the variety of window films that we offer by exploring our site . You can also learn more about how UV Rays can affect you and learn tips on how to protect yourself by visiting the International Window Film Association website

Before/After of Solar Film in Residential Home – See how many UV Rays are being blocked out!!!

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